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The BEST and Most Cost Effective Way
to Get New Patients

Mail to 60,000 households in your area for only 7 cents per household - 1/4 Million People

20,000 households per month - only 3 monthly payments of $1500 for 2 page spread

The Complete Marketing Program

  • Health Specific Magazine Mailed
  • Online Directory with your Mini Website
  • "Groupon Style" Markeing Options
  • Extra Magazines to Hand Out
  • Free Referral Card Program

Printed Magazine Specifics

  • Cover: 80# UV Coated High Quality Gloss Cover Stock
  • Pages: 80# gloss book (48 + pages)
  • Center Spread: 80# gloss card stock

The front highlights what the magazine
is about and what it has to offer to the

  • The best doctors and health
    5 star review by us
  • Free initial consultation with any doctor
    in the magazine
  • Thousands in savings on health related
    procedures through certificates and
    special offers
    The inside pages feature

The inside pages feature various health care providers.

Though there is a basic structure for the content, we will work with each business and practice to design pages that reflect the important features of each practice and highlight specific procedures, products and testimonials. Each doctor chooses to feature 2 or more pages to promote their practice.

** We require the participants to provide a special offer as well as an initial free first consultation. Responses to the “special offers” or content can be tracked with coupon codes or dedicated phone numbers that can be tracked and forwarded. We charge a nominal fee of $ 100 to purchase these numbers. The center spread will have business card coupons, perforated to tear out. One side will contain a practice’s information in business card format and the reverse side will have a specific special offer.

** A key aspect is the exclusivity. Our goal is to provide information on a variety of medical practices and health services – one business per specialty.

Marketing Example Piece
Coupon and Business Cards Example
Health and Wellness Service Highlights

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Complete Marketing Program COSTS

Zones of 60,000 households 3 monthly mailings of 20,000 magazines.
• The structure is quarterly publications (starting in January) to allow for seasonal marketing.
• Billing is Monthly with 50% down then 25% the two months after.
• 5% discount for paying all three months upfront.

Only a 3 month commitment!

PRACTITIONER ADS (2 page minimum):
2 pages: $1500 per month
3 pages: $2100 per month
4 pages: $2600 per month
5 pages: $2950 per month
6 pages plus: $550 per page
(offered only to product companies and health related businesses  such as imaging centers, health clubs, yoga studios, etc.):
$ 1000 - $ 2000 depending on placement

Email Marketing Functionality

Doctors can market discounted services, products and procedures to the online opt-in database.

Online Directory with Mini Website

A listing in the Health and Wellness Journal online directory is complimentary for all ractitioners that advertise in the magazine. In the case of non-renewal, there is the option to continue the directory listing for $50 per month instead of the normal $100.

Features of the Online Directory

  • Mini website for all doctors
  • Quick view of their contact information and specialty
  • Instant links to their websites
  • Click to contact feature
  • Marketing functionality
  • Review option for all patients (it gets filtered first before being posted)
  • Video posting features
  • Medical information section that is linked to Web MD
  • Marketed through various giveaways and social media
  • Online version of the quarterly magazines of all zones
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